The Gauteng Township Economy Business (GTEB) Week and Funding Convention is an initiative of SABEF, a non-profit organisation that has dedicated most of its programmes towards building and developing the township economy, its businesses and entrepreneurs. The GTEB initiative is a response to the Gauteng Gov- ernment’s effort in advancing the township economy, and as a key stakeholder, we have developed this ini- tiative to drive that agenda. SABEF is currently training and developing entrepreneurs in the various townships of Gauteng in partnership with the Gauteng Enterprise Propeller (A Gauteng Government Programme) through a programme we developed two years ago called Kasi to Kasi Entrepreneurship Development..

The Gauteng Township Economy Business Week and Funding Convention is an extension of this programme and our commitment to promote township businesses, create vibrant township economies with thriving town- ship entrepreneurs. We call on enterprise development organisations, funding agencies, banks, investment companies and venture capitalist to partner with us in developing and funding these township entrepreneurs and economy that will eventually create many job opportunities, and reduce the high levels of youth unemployment.

Generally the youth of Gauteng in the various townships that SABEF has visited and worked on are very inspired to be entrepreneurs, as it has become the most viable option out of poverty. They have great ideas, and only require an enabling environment, commitment and con- fidence from its own Gauteng township residents with a combined buying power of over R34 Billion, as well as government with its buying power of more that R180 Billion to witness their innovations, and capabilities to deliver world-class services and solutions at the GTEB Week. The GTEB Week will showcase through a series of exhibitions these innovations, goods and services throughout the week.

Key events taking place at GTEB Week


An expo of leading businesses from various townships in Gauteng who want to access new markets, gain greater exposure and potential investments, partner- ships and who are serious about doingbusiness with a large quality base of aspiring enterprise development companies and agencies.


The Funding Convention is aimed at unravelling the complexity of accessing finance for small businesses in the townships – designed to encourage SMEs to think about different strategies of fundraising for their business.


Entrepreneurs will have an opportunity to be part of this discussion on how to do business with government and the requirements to do so. Various government procurement representatives and supply chain officials from state entities and government will unpack ways to effectively tender and compliance requirements


This cocktail session will feature great entrepreneurs who will share their journey, the challenges they faced in building their business and the great lessons learned.This session offers a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to be motivated, inspired and interact directly with great entrepreneurs they would normally never get an opportunity to meet.


The growth of technology cannot be ignored and will play a vital role in the advancement of the township economy. The funding of township innovation is crucial and this session will be part of the funding convention


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