Name: Selebogo Molefe

Business: The Hookup Dinner

Tel: 011 039 6121


Location: Johannesburg

What is your life mission?

My life’s mission is to contribute to a collective society by continually focusing on innovative ways of bringing people together for a positive common purpose that advances humanity. I am naturally a connector.

What makes The Hookup Dinner a beautiful initiative?

THUD is a movement for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs, about entrepreneurs. That is a powerful concept in the connection as well as social economy. So by nature of the afore-mentioned definition of connection & social, THUD is driven by a network of local collaborators in each city in select countries globally. When people collaborate for the greater good, magic happens. We’ve seen how bringing together resources by some entrepreneurs has benefitted the greater collective where we’ve seen new startups emerging and creating enterprises that have gone on to do well. Collaboration is the new innovation.

What does entrepreneurship mean to you?

It means looking at the world through a different lense. It means building up the capability to solve daily problems that affect people in an enterprising manner. It also means finding a fine balance in positively impacting people, planet & profit as you grow.

What key talent has been important to you in business?

The art of building long-term relationships has been the cornerstone of our growth. Business is built at the speed of trust.

What resources do you use to stay inspired?

I’m a church boy for life. I find inspiration through spirituality as well as organizational growth & management. I am a custodian of Grace Bible Church under the leadership of Bishop Mosa Sono. I also find inspiration from the daily hustlers I meet across the world as I travel on business missions. The human spirit in action is a marvel to watch. We have many uncelebrated heroes and heroines.

How have you dealt with doubt and fear in business?

I go through it daily. It gets better with time and experience. You start understanding a pattern between perceived and real threats. All humans have these three personal challenges to overcome on varying levels: doubt, discouragement and past failure whilst at a collective societal level, we have poverty, unemployment and inequality as challenges that affect us all. In retrospect, working with people in teams collectively has helped me to tap into a wider base of brain-power and therefore enables me to face my business fears & doubts with confidence. THUD is becoming a global brand.

What is your best piece of advice on growing business?

We are currently going through challenges of fast-paced growth. Systems & processes are key to help create a structure that is easy to follow and replicate for all our teams where we have a presence. So in a nutshell, as you innovate and grow, solidify and simplify your systems and processes so other people can operate with confidence in your absence. Also, care. Care about your work, care about your people, help them take ownership of the business and empower to them to do so. Remember, without money your business won’t grow and your best human capital will leave you for greener pastures so balance that out by ensuring everyone in the team is capacitated to develop an eye and ear for sales opportunities through the support of each unit. It’s not about everyone being an entrepreneur but rather about everyone being enterprising in their approach. Above all, lead with love, it unlocks great opportunities for business growth.





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