We are at the end of yet another year but I’m not going to go down the usual line of “Time flies” because every year has approximately the same number of months, days, hours and minutes, with the exception of the leap year. What would make you feel like it was too short or that it took forever, is what you spend the days and months doing.

Most of us go through the years doing the usual things in a habitual fashion with little thought to doing something radically different from the previous year. Despite all the good intentions at the beginning of each year, we generally don’t raise the bar and reach for the stars in a methodical and focused manner. In some cases where people set goals, they would set reachable goals as opposed to some crazy audacious goal. I’m always in favor of the later. Although some people say when goals are set too high, they are demotivating and discouraging because they seem too hard to reach. I would like to encourage YOU to set such crazy goals. Such goals can actually be very motivational, in that you can challenge yourself and push yourself beyond expectations.

For the first time this year, I did just that. Although I didn’t shoot the lights out on all the goals, my achievements were better this year than they have been in a while. Daring goals focus your thinking and keep you on your toes. I want YOU to do the same for the rest of this year and the coming year. Yes, it’s not too late to set short term goals and achieve them. It doesn’t matter if the goals are related to your studies, career or your small business. Just as a word of advice….if the goal doesn’t scare you, then it’s not ambitious enough, sit back down and set another goal.

The bold, daring, big goals not only serve to challenge you but if you make the effort to achieve them, you will learn a lot about yourself and the situation. I employed more employees this year than before, which was part of the goal along with opening regional offices. The regional offices eluded me but I learnt a lot in the process. Furthermore, I’m more determined than ever to deliver on them next year. In the last weeks, days and hours left in the year…go ahead and challenge yourself. Set bold, audacious goals and strive to reach them. Do not be discouraged, no matter what people around you may say. In the words of Nelson Mandela…. It always seems impossible until it’s done. Go ahead, Finish 2016 on an all-time HIGH.



Simangele Tshabalala is a social entrepreneur, founder and managing director of the Recruitment, Human Resource Consultancy and training company, Spangle Concepts (Pty) Ltd. She has been in the Human Resource field for a large part of her successful career. She has worked in various industries including retail (FMCG) telecoms, aviation and property.


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