Results are always late. Results are a consequence, not a cause. Results are a lagging indicator, not a leading indicator. No one understands this concept better than High School learners who have just received their Matric results only to discover that that their results do not meet the minimum University entrance requirements. By the time these Matric results come, it’s too late to do anything about them.

Results are a lagging indicator of progress, and as such a poor measure of progress. Results are consequences of behaviour. In a timeline of events, results will always lag behind behaviour. Therefore, behaviour is the mother of results.

Daily Behaviour

I love the Olympic games! This is the one time when the world discovers new sports superstars. It’s all because of results. But is that really where the story begins? Not at all! Superstars are superstars long before they get to the games – we just don’t know about it. But they do know it. And those closest to them also know it. They know it because they are witnesses to the superstar’s behaviour. When the superstar finally wins a gold medal, those who know him best are the least surprised. Happy for him or her? Yes. Surprised? No.

This principle applies to everything in life. Whatever results you desire there’s already a recipe, behaviour or blueprint that is congruent with that result. Results should never catch you by surprise. But how many times do you see some of the best business strategies, sales targets or student results fall short of expectations? In almost all these cases the planners failed to determine in advance the correct behaviours that are congruent with the desired outcomes. In all these cases the remedy is the same – modification of daily behaviour to be congruent or aligned with the desired outcome.

Never adjourn a sales meeting or deploy your business strategy without thoroughly investigating daily individual behaviours that best align with the outcomes you desire.

Behaviour and results in selling

According to Bill Gibson, my friend, mentor and, in my humble opinion, one of the world’s top sales geniuses, “Professional selling is continually walking into the world of uncertainty, certain of your success, because you are practising the winning habits, activities, skills and attitudes of the top sales producers in your industry”. In this statement Bill says nothing about closing the deal or going to get them – but he puts all emphasis on behaviour. Decide what results you want, then temporarily forget about results and focus all your effort on behaviour that is congruent with those results.



Siya Mapoko is an independent marketing specialist, founder of MRI, author and professional business speaker. He has over 12 years experience in scientific business research fields Chemistry, Drug research, Investment analysis, Equity trading and Entrepreneurship. Siya is a regular contributor of Kasibiz Mahala.


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