Teboho Mafodi is a dedicated Project Manager, Consultant and Professional Speaker. Mafodi has built a reputable name as a media personnel in the Television industry and is currently the Producer and Presenter of a weekly Entrepreneurial TV show called Ekasi Enterprise and also an Anchor & Resident Business Expert for Times Media & Business Day TV with a show called SME Zone.

Teboho Mafodi grew up in dire living conditions in Wattville, a township south of Benoni in the East Rand and had to leave school in grade 11 to seek work to provide for his family. While situations like these would dampen the spirit of many, Teboho was able to juggle two jobs while studying at night school to finish his matric. He was able to look past his unfortunate reality by becoming a self-taught Information Technology expert which lead him to teaching computer skills at a local development centre. Gauteng Social Development recognised Teboho’s dedication to eradicating poverty in his life and community, and escalated his situation to the presidency during Thabo Mbeki’s tenure. Teboho was then awarded the opportunity to further his education at Tshwane University of Technology through the Thabo Mbeki Education Trust.

A few years later after a R 1million business cheque at age 23 and more bumps and achievements along the way, Teboho is now a wise 30 year old gentleman known as a serial entrepreneur who has made a name for himself through his business ethics, hard work, passion and flawless work through his company TM Group.

TM Group is a large conglomerate of different companies including multimedia, public relations, IT and construction. Teboho strives to encourage the South African youth to stop depending on others for employment but to rather create their own, he has also made it his mission to touch the lives of those he comes across by telling them his story and how he has made a success of himself by building his entrepreneurial character through self-taught skills, commitment and empowering his mind with endless formal and informal education despite the difficult circumstances. Awards such as Top 100 Brightest Young Minds of South Africa and the National Youth Development Agency’s Top 100 young entrepreneurs can attest to this.