I have the statement “Success is a choice” being uttered on so many occasions. It has taken me a while to truly understand the magnitude of the statement. Firstly, it is important to realize that not everyone sees success in exactly the same way. For some people, success is happiness and love on a personal front, for others success it is fame and recognition. They want to be in that big corner office with a very long job title and lots of letters at the end of it. A good qualification with multiple degrees is what it takes for some people. Financial prosperity is almost always in the mix, which includes the house, luxury car, clothes and flashy jewelry. While for others it is good health and wellbeing. Although success is different things to different people and may be some or all that I described above, it seems like something that everyone wants at some level.

Why then would so many of us find the statement “success is a choice” difficult to accept. Could it be because we then have to accept the areas in our loves that are not going well, to be as a result of our own doing? Difficult as this may be to accept at first… I believe that accepting and truly embracing this statement is the point of our liberation. On accepting that “success is a choice”, we free ourselves to chase what we want relentlessly. We realize that if we want that dream job or business contract, we need to wake up each morning and do all the tasks that will ensure our success in the area.

Be it reading up on the industry and industry players, attending interviews or network sessions, improving your knowledge / studies and most of all, believing that success is possible, so that you continue to persevere despite the obvious challenges. When you realize that success is a choice…. You realize the importance of every choice you make in life. It would even go as far as choices with regards to the company you choose. Do your friends encourage and inspire you to do your best and bring out the winner in you or not.

It may be the harsh choice between being with someone and being alone. It may be waking up in the morning to go and exercise in the cold and rain for an athlete or not. It may be that you will need to travel for hours to go and meet someone who has vital information for you. It may be that you take a dent in your social life to achieve the academic results that you want to achieve. It may be standing in front of your peers or a large group of people to deliver a speech even though you feel like your knees are going to give in below you. It may be that you ignore the politics in the work place and just work hard, so that you can get that job promotion. It is always a choice.

Most of it will not be easy but it will always be a choice for you to make. The world renowned American professional boxer, Muhammad Ali once said that, he didn’t enjoy training because it was hard work and it often hurt but he knew that failure would hurt so much more. So then, I ask you.





Simangele Tshabalala is a social entrepreneur, founder and managing director of the Recruitment, Human Resource Consultancy and training company, Spangle Concepts (Pty) Ltd. She has been in the Human Resource field for a large part of her successful career. She has worked in various industries including retail (FMCG) telecoms, aviation and property.


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