Kaiser Permanente Confidentiality Agreement

This website has security measures to protect against information at a loss, abusive or altered under our control. These measures include encrypting data with the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) system and using a secure messaging service when we send you personal data electronically. Despite these measures, the confidentiality of communications or material sent over the Internet or e-mail to or by us cannot be guaranteed. At your discretion, you can contact us at the postal address, email address or telephone number in the “Questions, Complaints and Contacts” section at the end of this privacy statement. Kaiser Permanente uses a third-party provider to help us manage our email communications with you. While we provide this provider with email addresses of people we wish to contact, your email address will never be used for any purpose other than to contact you on our behalf. If you click on a link in an email, you may be temporarily redirected via a vendor server (although this process is invisible to you), which records that you clicked on that link and that you visited our website. Kaiser Permanente will never forward any information other than your email address to our third-party provider who will not forward these email addresses to third parties. State and federal laws may allow you to require us to limit our use and disclosure of your personal data.

By law, however, we do not need to approve your question. It is our view that we do not accept requests for restrictions that go beyond what is described in the “Opt out” section. All web logs are stored securely and can only be accessed by permanent kaiser collaborators or design members, on a needs-oriented basis, for a specific purpose. Kaiser Permanente uses web diary information to help us design our site; Identify popular features Solve user, hardware and software issues and make the site more useful. We do not knowingly allow anyone under the age of 13 to create accounts on kp.org. We can place “cookies” on the computer hard drives of visitors to this site. The information we receive from cookies helps us customize our website to make it more useful and effective for our visitors. The cookie consists of a unique identifier that contains no information about you. We use two types of cookies, session cookies and persistent cookies. Uses – KP collects your personal data only for personnel-related functions; These include communication, payroll, taxes, social benefits, recruitment, offshoring, policy management and our personal files. A session cookie is temporary and expires after the end of a session and the closing of your web browser. We use session cookies to personalize your experience on our website, maintain your registration status while navigating through our features and track your “click path” through our web pages.

Personal data categories collected – Relevant categories of personal data that KP can collect as part of a working relationship include: If a user makes a request to obtain continuous information via this site by giving their email address (for example. B, request a subscription to recruitment notices), a user can ask to end future mailings.