Catholic Education Queensland Enterprise Agreement

In unprecedented action, Catholic employers distributed an enterprise agreement offered to teachers and collaborators in the 11 dioceses. Never before, anywhere in the country, had they proposed an agreement that was not approved by the Union. Celebrate Education Assistance Staff Day in your school on June 14th! The IEU and the New Zealand Education Union (NZEI TE RIU ROA) have teamed up for this important annual event. “Staff at 300 Catholic schools across the state recognized that the four-year contract was a fair outcome for all employees,” said Dr. Perry. “You have had a long negotiation process with great patience, and I thank you for that. New research has shown that high-quality early childhood education programs can influence life outcomes over generations. According to most enterprise agreements in NSW and ACT, acquiring your teaching status is the door to a short-term wage increase and has implications for the timing of future wage increases. AIS is stalled Negotiations – the AIS informed the union this week that it had no plans to meet again with the union by November and it is not certain that new enterprise agreements are being negotiated.

IEUA has welcomed $1.75 billion in commitment to preschool education for approximately 700,000 Australian children in the two years prior to school. Press release: The IEU calls on the Confederation and the Federal States to draw up a rescue plan at the State Cabinet meeting on Friday, 3 April, which is fair to all employers in the field of early childhood education. On Friday, however, Catholic employers at the school threatened to suspend teachers and school leaders from their schools for a new agreement. Following, the IEU`s request for the inclusion of new multi-company agreements in 2021 applies. In January 2020, a salary increase was due for NSW teachers and support staff and headteachers, both in NSW and the ACT. For ACT teachers, an increase will be due from July 2020. Additional salary increases will also be made in 2021 as part of the ACT Government School Teachers Enterprise Agreement and as part of awards for employees of government schools nsw. Support and enterprise agreements for companies in more than 30 Catholic schools were recently approved by the Fair Work Commission (FWC). Minister Mark Northam has expressed the union`s support to our queensland colleagues, 7,000 of whom face the unprecedented risk of being excluded from their schools if negotiations on the agreements intensify.

QCEC`s offer includes an overall salary increase of 2.5% (above the 1.7% inflation rate), reimbursement until July 1 for teachers and May 1 for school officials, and a one-time payment of $500 to eligible employees in exchange for signing a four-year business contract. As Newsmonth addresses the press, employers have distributed their proposal for an enterprise agreement in Catholic schools. Today, early childhood educators` day, we celebrate our early childhood education and care collaborators, teachers and educators, and pay tribute to the decisive contribution they make to the lives of children, families and our country as a whole. On Monday, June 8, the government announced its intention to re-establish the old Child Care Assistance System (CSC) in a surprise public holiday announcement. This decision could leave the entire sector – families, providers and skilled early childhood care professionals – in a political and financial vacuum.