Do you earn more or less than the world’s average wage?

So its payday today and you are either happy or distressed. Your distress could be ignited by the truth of your bills. You could be in a doubtful space about your job and its limitations towards your growth. Here are two little discoveries that you may want to quickly explore to gain better perspective on your salary woes.

South African companies are forecastng a 7% pay increase for staff in 2015, according to the ECA Salary Trends survey.

ECA’s 2014/2015 Salary Trends Survey reports current and projected salary increases for local employees, based on information collected from 340 multinational companies across 66 countries and regions.

South Africa’s 7% increase is amongst the 20 highest recorded by the survey (19th highest); however, in real terms, taking inflation into account (currently at 5.9%), this only translates to a 1.2% increase  – the 44th highest increase in the world, ECA noted.

Here is a little tool to help you in figuring out where you are on the global payscale.

Use the BBC’s calculator to compare your salary to the world average and averages of 72 countries (including South Africa). Be glad or stay wallowing in your sorrows.



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