TEDxSoweto 2014 – Silver Linings

TEDxSoweto has been uncovering incredible entrepreneurs and thought leaders sharing great insights on the development of a New African context for some time now. A platform that delivers unconventional narratives of vision and wisdom embroiled in a community of like minded thinkers. The talks might seem simple and unconsequential but the result of these conversations indicate our awareness and appreciation of Africa’s complexity and broader social factors.

The entire TEDx global community is invested in the idea of progressive societies with actions that seem to gain various thematic aspects on change and the future. There is a sense of optimism and revolutionary ideation with TEDx. This years TEDxSoweto features some of the countries most highly respected creatives, technos, and social entrepreneurs.

Join TEDxSoweto 2014, on Saturday November 22 at the Soweto Theatre, as they celebrate ‘Silver Linings’. This year’s event is particularly special because as it marks five years since the inception of TEDxSoweto.

Here is a pictorial list of some of the speakers that are scheduled for the event.

tedxsoweto_2014_portraits_website-01 tedxsoweto_2014_portraits_website-02

tedxsoweto_2014_portraits_website-03 tedxsoweto_2014_portraits_website-04

tedxsoweto_2014_portraits_website-06 tedxsoweto_2014_portraits_website-07

tedxsoweto_2014_portraits_website-08 tedxsoweto_2014_portraits_website-09

tedxsoweto_2014_portraits_website-10 tedxsoweto_2014_portraits_website-12

For more information please visit TEDxSoweto and purchase your tickets here.


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