The Department of Small Business Development aims to allocate much of its resources to improving the economic standing of South African entrepreneurs. The department hopes to support 24 000 township and rural enterprises in various sub-sectors. The Township and Rural Entrepreneurship Programme (TREP) hopes to further integrate competitive smme’s into sustainable government supply chains. A total of R694 million will be allocated to TREP.

Here is how the funds will be channelled to the various industries.

  1. Automotive Shops – R300m targeting 800 entities
  2. Shisanyama Restaurants – R13m targeting 1300 entities
  3. Fruits & Vegetable – R13m targeting 6500 entities
  4. Clothing, Textile & Leather – R70m targeting 1400 entities
  5. Spaza Shops – R150m targeting 10 000 entities
  6. Butcheries – R42m targeting 1400 entities
  7. Salons and Personal Care – R36m targeting 1200 entities
  8. Bakeries – R17m targeting 1440 entities

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