The Ekasi Tech Fest 2018 recently took place from October 18-20 at Dlhamini Multi-Purpose Centre in the heart of Soweto. The expo provided an opportunity for small businesses, tech start-ups to meet with policy makers, investors, incubators and technology providers with the capacity to bring ideas to life and products to market. An initiative by the Innovation Village Foundation NPC, the event brought out a resounding number of gamers and tech enthusiasts over the three day period.

Coupled with exhibitions, workshops and panel discussions, Saturday saw the event culminate with the Gauteng Gaming Community Cup Final; a Fifa and Tekken tournament. The event was also intended to spark more interest in eSports, an industry that had grown at an incredible pace over the past couple of years. The eSports market is estimated to be worth R10 Billion.

Overall Ekasi Tech strives to market strategies and mechanisms to grow the adoption and uptake of locally developed games and to train local developers about interactive ways of gaming design.



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