What did you do today? Honestly?

If you could repeat today for the next 365 days would you be where you wanted? Would you be any closer to your goals?
Let’s keep 100 for a moment.

Did you have a productive day? What did you actually do? What time did you wake up? How much time did you spend on your business? your brand? your idea? your strategy? How did it actually go? How much of today is some true hard work to be proud of?

Or did you hit the snooze button a few times and sleep in? Did you spend the day having a long “lunch meeting” with friends? Did you procrastinate? Did you spend too many hours binge watching your favorite show? Did you just laze about from one task to another?

If today was great? Rinse and repeat.
If it wasn’t? Change, immediately.

How you spend 1 day is just as important as how you spend 365 days. Each day adds up and how you spend 1 will inform the rest.

If your habits don’t reflect your dreams or goals you need to change your habits. Or you need to change your dreams and goals.

Not every day will be perfect but each day needs an audit in order to build up that habit of excellence.



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