Google Introduces New Job Search platform for South Africa

With the alarming and ever bothersome rise in the unemployment rate, Google has introduced a new job search function to its platform to help job-seekers find employment opportunities in South Africa. The search portal is an improved approach to exploring jobs online.

Users will able to view at-a-glance details about the posting, such as job title, location, whether it’s full-time, part-time or an internship, as well as detailed information, should a job be of interest.

The platforms integration with Google Maps allows job seekers to search for jobs in specific areas. If the user is signed in, they can even figure out commute times to the job in quest for. Google has also allowed for email notifications when new jobs match a particular search.

Google is partnering with various entities already in the career search space, including Job Mail. This aims to make the platform more broad and accurate and will hopefully help towards asserting the platform as the most trusted and unrivaled on the net.


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