Why is grit so important to me?

Well aside from being the foundation of entrepreneurial and life success for me, grit is a actually a proven concept!

Dr. Duckworth, psychology professor at the University of Pennsylvania has studied grit for past 2 decades, interviewing CEO’s, teachers, WestPoint graduates, Fortune 500 sales teams, entrepreneurs, grade school students.

She determined that grit, has better predictability for ultimate success than… Grades, Social Intelligence, Family Income, Good Looks (yes even mine, hehe), Physical Health, IQ and others…

So grit, which comprises of a person’s perseverance and passion — is among the most important predictors of success and the incredible part is each of us all have the power to increase its capacity within us.

It’s deeper than skills or your societal circumstances, true grit is what truly sets you apart. The motivation you find when nothing else is there to show you it’s worth it.

What truly matters is your ability to find that special motivation within to simply last and bear through the difficult and uncertain times. It’s the ability to view failure as a temporary condition and bounce back up. The reality is very few people are actually willing or able to do that.

Practice and develop your GRIT.


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