How do you approach new business? With hunger or thirst?

Be reminded of the correct approach.

Entrepreneurship is difficult, especially financially. And often times we feel like we have to grab on to any and every opportunity that presents itself – the thirst.

Because jeez its dry outchea! We need something to sustain us.

But that usually leads to desperation and is even communicated to client and those around you.

They can see it in your eyes. And that is either a turnoff or an opportunity to take advantage of you.

Hunger is the flip side.

You wanna eat! You wanna add to your plate! You want a full stomach! A hearty meal!

This is when you approach a client or opportunity with the desire to deliver, the desire to kill it, to solve a problem!

Recently we closed some work because of the hunger.

Because the client saw that we were hungry to do good work, to tackle a new challenge not because we needed it but because we wanted it. .
It even shocked them how eager we were to get on the work. Not because of what it brought monetarily but at the chance to handle something new, exciting and challenging. Hungry to add more scope and responsibilities.

Switch up your approach. Leave the thirst for IG and close business with your insatiable hunger for more!




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