A lot of people have been DMing and emailing me, asking for guidance on how to approach and win 2018.

To me the steps are quite simple:

1. Decide what you want. You’d be surprised how many people have no clear definition of what success should actually look like tangibly. What’s the real goal? That you can actually measure?

2. Write it down. There is actual power in seeing your goals written down in your own handwriting. But put it somewhere you see daily. Constantly remind yourself what the goal is. Adjust and refine as you go.

3. Make a plan. A goal with no plan is a dream and dreams don’t pay the bills. Have your big goal and work your way backwards with tasks each month, week and day that will get you there over time.

4. Build the routine. You can plan all you want but if you can’t form successful habits 2018 will come and go like every other year has. Hold yourself accountable to the daily tasks that will get you to the next level.

5. Work your butt off. I’ve always been a hard worker but 2017 was something next level. I’ve never grinded this hard before. But as a direct result it’s also been one of the best years for my businesses and my own personal brand. And I know that my plans for 2018 will require even more from me. Work harder than you think you did yesterday.

Hold me accountable to these things as well! Next year has so much lined up with growing the Altivex team, new offices, more content, better content, the return of the Opportune Time podcast, more speaking gigs, a book, raising this family, building out concepts into businesses, more mentorship! This list goes on!

Let’s kill it together!

I wish you well for the new year, the gifts of success, self awareness, wisdom and growth.





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