One of the biggest challenges facing entrepreneurs is the lack of technical support  around their product and service offerings.

The SABS Design Institute in collaboration with the Jobs Fund has launched the Design and Innovation Accelerator for innovative business ideas and entrepreneurs. If you’re running a small business or have an idea for a product or service, the accelerator programme is support you need to become a ground-breaking player in local and global markets.

Even with funding, many SMMEs spend two to five years on product development and still fail because they lack resources that could improve their product. Many businesses do not know how to brand themselves and have no clue about leveraging their value proposition.

The Design Institute and the Jobs Fund believe that developing quality products and services is the key that will put you on—transforming your idea or startup into a sustainable and profitable business which could create jobs and upskill South Africans.

Over 12 to 18 months, you could have the opportunity to collaborate with industry leaders and established designers across various industries to help develop your quality prototype or grow your business.

Between 1 November 2017 and 5 December 2017, you can submit your entries to stand a chance to work collaboratively with industry leaders and established designers across various industries to develop a quality prototype or grow your existing business. The Design and Innovation Accelerator will give creatives and entrepreneurs technical development and market linkage support that will help them grow, broaden their scope of services and increase their geographic reach.

The Design and Innovator Accelerator Programme is open to three types of creatives and entrepreneurs.

  1. Do you have an innovative concept that could turn into a lucrative business and need support developing a prototype?
  2. Are you an entrepreneur who has already launched a startup that trades within the arts and crafts industry with a turnover of less than R10m and hope to grow and tap into global markets?

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