The Jobs Summit initiative aims to kickstart 20 industry initiatives, with targeted industry task teams developing sector-specific plans to create 5 000 jobs for each of their sectors. The Jobs Summit is neither about politics nor policy, but actual results. Over the last 12 months, companies from twenty industries have met under the auspices of the Ubuntu Initiative to identify opportunities and challenges that sectors face in terms of employment. Instead of competing, they have opened up to each other, shared best practises and jointly came up with new approaches to create 100 000 jobs in 2018. Even though we have millions of unemployed youth, companies still struggle to find the right people.

One of the reasons for the mismatch is that companies do not have time to train people. They are looking for readymade candidates when they hire. Since the education system is not producing the right calibre of people, there is a shortage of skilled people. Companies therefore typically poach experienced staff from their competitors.

Giving young people their first work experience and the necessary training has been agreed to be a key priority. Several industries therefore agreed to set up talent incubator to prepare young people so that they are ready when there are job openings.

The CEOs of the relevant participating companies would meet quarterly, with a “CEO Council” set up to track progress.


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