Name: Emmanuel Ebonoko

Business: Ebonoko Holdings

Tel: 063 705 5335

Email: info@ebonokoholdingsltd.co.za

Location: Johannesburg

What does your work as Ebonoko Holdings entail?

Ebonoko Holdings PTY LTD is a marketing and consulting company with multiple services which include; Media relations, PR Management, Design and Brand Development, Business Strategy, Promotions and Marketing, Events hosting and Management, Management Consulting and Enterprise Development through The Business Connect Seminars.

How would you define entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is about identifying a need in a certain industry and being able to fulfill the need through product and services and gaining profit.

What steps have been critical in growing your business?

A – The Power of networking has helped many of us to grow our business. B – Having Global vision for our business has propelled us to grow significantly well over the years. C – The power of discipline, character and branding are key to growth. D – Above all, you need to have faith in GOD. My mentor Phuti Mahanyele is the former CEO of Shanduka Group, a multi-billion rand diversified African investment holding company. She taught me that Business is 80% spiritually and 20% hard work.

Is mentorship vital for young people in business?

Entrepreneurship can be very intimidating. As you launch an idea and develop it into an operating business, it is inevitable that you’ll face some tough decisions in which you may not have the answers or the experience to at least make an informed choice. Oprah Winfrey gives the following advice “Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.” Ask yourself, why take on the task of starting your business without the wisdom and resources of someone who has been there before. That is why mentorship is key and important amongst emerging entrepreneurs.

The most important lessons and advice you can share?

A – Use every opportunity you have as an entrepreneur to grow your brand and business, for example social media. B – Never be afraid or embarrassed to struggle. There is absolutely no shame in working hard to get to where you want to be. C – Learn to invest in yourself as an entrepreneur. Build relationships and increase your business acumen. D – Collaborations are key amongst ourselves as entrepreneurs. E – Humanity is key on your path to success.

How do we make improvements to our township economic conditions?

A – More needs to be done in townships in regard of the developments of the youth. B – We need more enterprise development initiatives in the townships. C – The government needs to join hands with the private sectors to address unemployment. D – Lets not impose that education is the only path for one to be successful. E – Is about time we embrace the raw gifts of young people and teach them to make sustainable business out of their gifts. F – As black people we must support each other to progress in life and embrace the spirit of Ubuntu.




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