Internet company Vumatel plans to provide 100Mbps uncapped fibre to townships for R89 per month. The uncapped fibre comes at a price less than 500MB of prepaid mobile data. In a recent interview with Techcentral, Vumatel CEO Niel Schoeman mentioned the need to provide connectivity in townships whilst many other internet providers are focused on rollouts in affluent suburbs.

“We are inadvertently creating an information divide by building out fibre in affluent suburbs, but not really addressing the townships. Vumatel wants to bring broadband to every township home and open up the information economy,” said Schoeman.

During the months of October and November, Vumatel will start a pilot project in Alexandra Township. By the close of 2018 the company hopes to have connected 60 000 homes within the Township with a population of 400 000. Fibre will be strung from poles as opposed to being in trenches and each house will receive an access box from which they will connect to fibre services.

Vumatel estimates average prepaid revenue from mobile operators to be between R60 and R90 per user per month. Averaging R400 per household. This would certainly be an attractive offer to any township resident.

The company plans to make fibre available in other other townships around Gauteng and eventually areas around Cape Town and Durban.






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